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My How Times Have Changed....For the better for me!

August 13th, 2017 at 02:45 pm

So...my kids and I drink gallons upon gallons of water! Although chlorinated and filtered through carbon, we just can't bring ourselves to drink the well water at our house. That said, after much due diligence, the cheapest way to obtain drinking water is to purchased cases of bottled water. Yes, I have refilled them at my better half's house...however, most generally, we place our empties in the blue recycling bin and grab a few cases when they are on sale.

Anyway....the bin fills up. Shocking I know and of course, this phenomenon remains a mystery to the kids. Now, how have times changed and for the better for me you ask? Well, when I was a young man, I would have fallen all over myself to gather any/all can's and bottles to return for money. I sold worms, mowed lawns, did odd jobs, ran errands, etc., to earn gas money, comic book money, candy and ice cream money and so on. If I had a monthly bin of water bottles sitting there for the taking, totaling ~$4.00, I'd be on it like white on rice.

And that is exactly what I did this afternoon. And from the recycling center, I went to the night drop box at the bank and made my deposit into the New Car Fund....all the better for me!

1 Responses to “My How Times Have Changed....For the better for me!”

  1. laura Says:

    Ha! Totally love the filling up the water at your better-half's house! Smile
    Our budget only just now is in rehab (after awakening from a long coma) and I've been carting my wet laundry to my mother's to use her dryer. Or my brother's house when I've been dog sitting. My mantra has been "I get by with a little help from my friends." And family!

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