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Loose Change Update

November 25th, 2017 at 08:58 am

Soo...as I blogged yesterday, I found a dime while running errands and won a dollar on four dollars worth of scratch off tickets. Well...when I went to turn them in for the cash, I actually had won two dollars! Then, I decided to turn my latest cache of coins in and deposit them too.....$12.79! I did, however, drop the $.79 into the Salvation Army bucket along with about fifty cents worth of Canadian coins the machine did not accept.

All in all, $18.00 in Loose Change deposits! Not too bad. This brings my total deposits for the Rental Mortgage Principal Reduction Extravaganza, Powered by the Loose Change Fund to $312.81 (beginning 11/25/17). And the train keeps a rolling...............

Mortgage Principal Reduction Extravaganza Month

November 11th, 2017 at 06:40 pm

So...Living Life on My Own Terms suggested something for the entire month of December. The Mortgage Principal Reduction Extravaganza Month!

What a great idea! I mean, it's not like many of us don't already focus to the principal reduction of our mortgage(s), however, dedicating December to this critical step towards financial freedom seems like the right thing to do, especially during a month where spending is typically high. My hope is to remain grounded and focused on debt reduction even in the throws of Christmas.

I currently "invest" $250.00 per month towards mortgage principal reduction. In December, I am going to put any other "Loose Change" towards this investment as well. I am going to track my progress in my side bar with my November starting balance.

Wish me luck. Should be fun!

Mortgage Pre-Pay Update

July 26th, 2017 at 03:59 pm

So...I just mailed my first ever pre-payment towards my primary residence mortgage! As you know, once my refinance is completed for my rental, that will be another new goal (pre-paying said rental mortgage).

Anyway, I am going to build a simple tracker in my blog and keep everyone updated on my progress, especially me!

Life is Full of Goals

June 29th, 2017 at 07:43 pm

So, I work to save 20% of my net income (after ensuring a full tax year contribution to my Roth IRA and Emergency Fund Deposit). One of my goals toward financial freedom (errrrr, ummmmmm, early retirement via debt elimination versus retirement income only) is to eliminate my mortgage. Now, I know I can do this by simply selling my home, investing the proceeds and renting a small, one bedroom apartment allowing the property manager to shovel the snow, mow the lawn and take out the garbage. Rather, I'd like to leave my children a bit of a nest egg partially in the form of home equity by pounding away at the principal. I am a very visual man. Watching the balance drop each month is extremely motivating to me. I am going to try to share my success (or failure) with you all and hopefully gain some insight along the way.