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New Car Fund Update and the Sale of the Century

August 19th, 2017 at 06:24 pm

So...I redeemed credit card cash rewards for a total of $5.80. This is going directly into the New Car Fund of course.

I think a month or so ago I may have blogged about gathering some items for a yard sale. The initial though was that my parents would house the sale and I'd simply contribute some goods to it. Well, it sounds as if my mother is going to put off having it until next summer. That doesn't work for me.

You see, I am the type of person that once I get something in my head, planned or unplanned, I tend to move forward with great tenacity and focus. At times, this has backfired and put me in a "line of fire" that looking back, was foolish and careless, heroism aside. Other times, it has proven tactful and necessary with positive results.

Consequently, when my mother announced the sale of the century, I went through my entire house and although not a pack rat or the type to hoard anything, I couldn't believe how many items I found I really didn't need, would ever use or otherwise wanted anymore. Useless to me.....treasures for others.

All this leads me to a decision...next Sunday, I think I am going to have a yard sale. Nothing fancy...a sign at each end of my road. Maybe have a friend post something on Facebook (I do not do social media) and setup a table or two with my "goods". My thought is, worse case scenario, I can enjoy a pot of coffee in the morning and some tasty water in the afternoon, read a good book and share some laughs with anyone who wishes to visit.

Good night all!

2 Responses to “New Car Fund Update and the Sale of the Century”

  1. patientsaver Says:

    Sounds like a great idea. I love to declutter, although I find it's more effective to sell things individually on Facebook because there's a much wider pool of people looking at your stuff. Your signs will only capture people who happen to be driving by and it's a lot of extra work collecting your stuff, pricing it, possibly cleaning it and putting it out in the garage, and then you may have to do it all in reverse if stuff doesn't sell.

    With Facebook, I "set it and forget it." Meaning, I post items and then it could be weeks before I get a buyer, but the post is still out there without my having to do anything except repost it once a week.

    But anyway, do't mean to discourage. Tag sales can be fun and you can have nice little conversations with your neighbors.If you've got a comfy chair, cold drink and good book, you're good to go!

  2. rob62521 Says:

    Good idea. You might want to also have your friend post to Craig's list to advertise.

    If you itemize your taxes, you could donate the items and get a receipt as well. My mom used to love to have garage sales and she was very good at them. After she died, we didn't do them anymore because her house was on a major street that had lots of traffic, but we are in a subdivision that it has to be destination and I've never had good luck on my own. We just donate stuff, keep an itemized list with the receipt and take it off our taxes. It isn't the same as having cold hard cash, but we also don't have to set up the sale, mark stuff, wait around for people to come shop, and then pack the leftovers.

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