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I Had/Chose to Spend Money Today

July 10th, 2017 at 10:49 am

So...funny story...maybe....sort of....

While driving this past weekend I went through one of those driver's license/registration checkpoints. Feeling confident (and a bit arrogant as I am in Law Enforcement), I looked forward to saying "hello" to one of my brother or sister law enforcement officers. Pulling up along side, I rolled down the window and said "hello". The fine young man was having none of it. Road weary, tired and obviously not in the mood, he asked for my driver's license and proof of registration.

Now, honestly, for no other reason than efficiency sake, I keep my driver's license in the same "billfold" case as my law enforcement credentials. My registration, however, is in my cars glove box. Once I read the officer's facial expressions, I calmly placed my hands on the steering wheel (at 10:00 and 2:00) and asked permission to reach in my duffel bag on the rear seat for my license. He stated yes. Keeping one hand on the wheel, I did turned over my right shoulder and grabbed the "billfold" looking item.

I then asked permission to grab my registration. Again, he said yes.

Once he opened the "billfold" and saw my credentials, he asked what branch of law enforcement I was in. After stating Federal, he said thank you and asked that I "sit tight" for a moment. After about ten minutes, the fine young officer returned. Handing me my "billfold" and registration, he also handed me a ticket for failing to notify the DMV of my change of address, obviously stemming from my divorce (I said to myself). In addition, he handed me a printed copy of the form I could use to mail in to make my address change. He informed me that making the address change was free of charge if I did it online....the instructions were at the bottom of the form.

Finally, he suggested mailing in a copy of any proof showing I have made the address change as the court may lower the charge and/or fine, as applicable.

I thanked him and drove away....I AM NOT ABOVE THE LAW!

This morning, first thing, I not only updated my address, personally, at the DMV but renewed my license as it was coming due in October. $72.00 seemed like a lot of money, however, it is good for 8 years. Proof of my renewal along with my "guilty plea" on the ticket were mailed into the Town Court. I am expecting about a $100.00 fine/surcharge. Deservedly so.

Also, this afternoon, as he did last week, I returned the favor by purchasing lunch for my partner and I. We had Pontillos Sub's. $20.91.

Finally, total spend for the day thus far....$92.91. Like I said, some of my spend was "had to"....some "chose to". Peace Out!

3 Responses to “I Had/Chose to Spend Money Today”

  1. Petunia 100 Says:

    That is an amusing anecdote, but I cannot help but wonder: federal LEOs don't have confidential addresses? In my state, DMV registration will come up "Joe Smith, ABC Law Enforcement Agency, Agency's Address" in order to protect the privacy of LEOs and their families.

  2. Out of the Dark Says:

    Yes we do to an extent. His observation was the hard copy comparison between the registration and license. On the reverse side of the license should have been a "sticker" with the current address which is sufficient until the renewal occurs. The DMV records were obviously accurate, again, however, the hard copy was inconsistent and that is a ticekting offense.

  3. rob62521 Says:

    You acted responsibly and with dignity!

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