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So much done today......and a Loose Change Deposit

July 9th, 2017 at 04:06 pm

So...check out what I got done today:

On my way back home from the soccer tourney, I stopped by the DG and picked up a $25.00 gift card for a birthday present (remember the ~$10.00 spend for the two greeting cards!?!?!?!? This was the gift for the birthday card...hahaha). After the $4.95 processing fee, the total came to $29.95. That plus the $1.09 for coffee at McDonalds for the drive home took my spend to $31.04 for the day. Money well spent! Anyway...

I went home, gathered the bottles and cans along with my loose change jar and went to the coin star and bottle return station. That net came to $23.00.

From there, I dropped off the bank deposit into my Loose Change Fund at the night deposit box.

Back home....gathered and sorted the laundry, threw in a load of dark's and updated my Quicken account with said deposit.

Went through a bunch of emails as my cell was not syncing for some reason.

As the breeze was nice I opened all the doors and windows. This soon brought to light the dust that was all over my floors, so....I swept and dust busted the kitchen, bathroom and foyer.

On to the the work room to grab my work sunglasses (lololol...not the old man kind, just not my Ray Bans to work in the yard) and keys to the tractor...out to the shed I went.

I mowed and trimmed the entire lawn...this only takes me about 1 hour total so it's certainly not too bad. I am pretty particular about my lawn (and house in general from what my daughters say) so I take my time and try to do a good job. It makes me feel good. OCD but hey, could be worse.

Back to the laundry room. Dark's in the dryer, whites in the washer.

After some cleaning here and there, I folded and put away the dark's and loaded the whites in the dryer.

Finally, whites dried, folded and put away and now it's time to blog a bit.

If I have bored you, my apologies, if not, I am glad you read this and as always, thanks for your inspiration!

3 Responses to “So much done today......and a Loose Change Deposit”

  1. snafu Says:

    Hope it's ok to mention dryer is most expensive home appliance too operate. Suggest checking with your electric provider to see if they lower kwh after business hours. Alternatively, yank items that are generally hung on hangers out of dryer after 5 - 10 minutes to 'air dry.'

    Depending on gift cards, some can be purchased from resellers at a discount.

  2. VS_ozgirl Says:

    You have been very productive!

  3. rob62521 Says:

    Wow, you were very busy! You can stop by my house if you get the notion...I couldn't keep up with you. Smile

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