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Another NSD and another deposit into the Loose Change Account

July 5th, 2017 at 03:10 pm

So, after checking, re-checking, trying to remember, searching through my suit pockets for any receipts, slips of paper, loose change, etc., I am proud to report my second (and consecutive) NSD! Nothing spent. Not a plugged nickel! Seems like I should reward myself?!?!?!?! Does anyone self-reward for NSD's? If so, how?!

Also, I checked my Capital One CC rewards and found $3.06 just sitting there. I "cashed out" and made a deposit into my Loose Change Account. Check out my side bar for the current transaction information.

Also, might I add....I LOVE THIS BLOG SITE!

4 Responses to “Another NSD and another deposit into the Loose Change Account”

  1. snafu Says:

    Welcome to SA. You'll discover we're a diverse bunch with different backgrounds and experiences all trying to manage manage our finances as effectively as possible. I offer some suggestions which I hope will help add to your Loose Change Account.

    Do you renew Home, Vehicle and Rental insurances, without researching whether the valuations are up-to-date? Have you compared Premiums and fees charged from an insurance agent that sends your insurance requirements 'to bid' [all insurance ultimately is covered by a few major re-insurers] any 'big name' preferred and current agent to verify you get the best coverage for the best rate?

    Do you know the specific holdings in your retirement plans? Is the allocation appropriate for your age and Risk Tolerance? What fees are you paying for management expenses, buying and selling? What was the return on investment January 1 - June 30 2017?

    Eating out often doubles food costs, but more important is too often detrimental to health due to the extraordinary amounts of salt, sugar and fat in restaurant food.

  2. Out of the Dark Says:

    Thanks Snafu.....ironically, I met with my insurance agent that holds my primary residence home owners insurance policy, auto policy and rental property policy...all valuations and coverage amounts are good. I have a call into my investment broker to review my holdings as I know for fact I need to make some adjustments as it's been seven years since I have reviewed with him. I do eat out a lot but am working to reduce that by at least half. I expect to see a significant amount of savings by that move alone. Again, I appreciate your feedback!

  3. MonkeyMama Says:


    In general, I view these things as their own reward.

  4. rob62521 Says:

    Congrats on the NSD!

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