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NSD and Punishment Delivered

July 4th, 2017 at 06:05 pm

So, for the first time in July (and the first time ever for that matter), I opened my daily spend log and entered NSD!!!!!! For some, this may not sound like a big deal but for me, it's a very special occasion. I am very pleased with the fact that I didn't spend a plugged nickel today!

Also, for those who read my blog yesterday, you'll see my "foolish move of the week" being the purchase of two greeting cards at a major grocery store for $10.78. This evening, I calculated the cost of two greeting cards at my local Dollar General (DG) being $1.00 each with $.08 tax for a total of $2.16, subtracted it from my actual spend of $10.78 and transferred said $8.62 to my Loose Change Account.

Still not sure what I am going to do with the Loose Change Account but it sure is fun having a place to watch the little things add up to bigger ones!

1 Responses to “NSD and Punishment Delivered”

  1. VS_ozgirl Says:

    The little things do add up and good work with depositing your overpaid amount! Since the start of the year I have been depositing digital change and any snowflakes/miscellaneous savings into an account for Christmas savings - so far am at $334.

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